robust Hardware

A powerful portable mini-computer

Multi-media portal

A Netflix-like user experience

Structured learning

A structured learning path

Collaborative cloud

An online portal to maintain overview

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TheWell is a handheld device designed to provide content for streaming/download and structured learning in offline contexts

In our research, we noticed that even in places with limited or expensive internet connection and/or electricity, people still have mobile phones. So, we have developed a device that provides remote access to content and education without relying on the internet.

TheWell Systems is an effective tool for evangelism and in-service training. TheWell Systems can be used to setup a fully functioning digital infrastructure for learning and media distribution.

TheWell Systems enables institutions to build an affordable digital learning infrastructure. Institutions can upload own content and decide to share with others. Media libraries can be used to supplement the physical libraries. Institutions can use TheWell Systems to build an effective network of resource sharing with satellite institutions. 

TheWell Systems provides a unique solution for organisations to get a full overview of both offline and online devices. This way organisations can maintain a good structure around content and keep track of usage in multiple locations. 

1 +
1 m
Wifi range
1 +
hours battery time
1 %


Created for endurance in rough environments

Collaborative cloud

Connect with others and build community

Monitor multiple devices

Our cloud portal is designed to make it simple for any organisation to monitor multiple devices and to keep a good structure around each device. There are different levels of administration depending on the roles in the organisation. Everything can tailor-made to fit your specific needs.


Market place

The market place invites you to browse content from other content providers or to advertise for your own content. You can decide what content you want to share with other, or if you prefer to keep your content exclusive to your particular audience. You maintain full control of your content.

Blueprint builder

Our blueprint builder makes it simple to create content packages and build a good structure. You can share many different file types and everything is kept safe on our servers.

Virtual Devices

With our virtual boxes you can setup a solution which operates entirely online. This way you can use the same system to cater for both online and offline communities. In an online community you can enrol students from many parts of the world.

We are flying

TheWell was officially launched on October 1st 2023. We are deploying a limited number of devices for closed BETA testing.
Please connect with us if you are interested in buying devices and / or would like updates on the progress we are making.

Our open BETA will begin April 1st 2024.

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